Monday, April 12, 2010

Multi-tasking? A man?

Yes, it's true...(well sort of...)

Like any writer concerned with his or her mental stability, I do have a number of projects on the go, at various levels of development, at any given time (I refuse to count them....okay, five).

Basically, a constant companion of any writer trying to break into the world of publishing/production/any-level-of-public-recognition is, of course rejection. Other writers use drink/drugs/exercise as reaction to rejection. I use prolificacy.

I will admit (and this might bolster the popular opinion about the male of the species and multitasking) that I don't, in fact, work on multiple projects on any given day. But I do like to have three on the boil so that, when that inevitable rejection letter pops through the door, it feels reeeeally good to be able to stand on my balcony (yes, I have done it) and yell "To Hell With *Project A*, *Project B* is the masterpiece!!! The pitch I sent to Miss Publisher/Mister Production Company last week- that's the one that's going make me my millions!"

And on that dillusional note, back to Project C. Oh, is that the post arriving?

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  1. Honey, you forgot to mention that not every writer in this world is able to spell, let alone boast the same prolificiciacy as you do. So I guess the likes of us will have to keep building up some thick skin. :)