Wednesday, April 7, 2010

another slap on the wrist for me...

...and from someone else this time!

Yes, E-M, the most vigilant and entertaining blogger I know ( has given me a well-deserved kick in the ass for not having anything posted since last October. I did try the 'shur-who'd-want-to-be-reading-about-my-opinions-and-experiences' excuses but she wasn't accepting it for a second (rightly so).

So I have committed (mostly due to fear of further castigation) to regularly post from now on. And in a moment of flurried enthusiasm, I installed the blogging app on my (yes I am one of those) Iphone so now I have no excuse.

Right, see you all again in another 6 months!

(I'm joking E-M, I promise. Please don't hurt me...)

and in case Steve Jobs is reading this, I love my Iphone!

1 comment:

  1. Paul - what an honour. I haven't had as much influence on somebody's life since I have been playing god with the careers of graduates in (classified company). Thanks so much for the promotion of writeinberlin.
    Am looking forward to some spunky and interesting exchange of comments in the future.

    I definitely still stand behind my decision to nag you into continuing this. First of all, I think you should get out there into the web. Second, it will provide you with more distraction of your actual work. And third, we all know there are these agents trawling the web for new, talented, witty voices they can wave their contracts towards. And you or at least I know you're one of them. In this spirit - happy blogging!