Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm too honest for my own good!

...if such a thing is possible.

Just had a call from RTE in relation to a possible writing job on their popular long-running drama. Of course, the first question that I was asked was if I regularly watched the show. Did I just shoot myself in the foot by being 'too honest' and saying that I only watch it occasionally?

Well , something tells me I would have been quickly found out if I had said 'Oh yeah, watch it every night, never miss it, sometimes I watch it twice in case I missed something the first time!'....probably the first time I went to a writers' meeting and called Carrigstown 'Carrot-town' or McCoy's 'McKay's'.

Anyway, my mission, should-I-choose-etc-etc, is to watch it (every night, never miss it, sometimes twice in case I miss something the first time) for the next few months and give them a call in August if I'm still interested.

So no more Simpsons re-runs for me!


  1. Well now - Mr. Fitz, are we talking about an RTE offer for you to start working for them? And you can call them if you are interested? That sounds like some nice bread-and-butter job to me. Then again, I have never seen Fair City (? - what a shame, after 5 years) myself.
    Think you should go for it! It would make such a nice "haha, if I remember my early days" part of your acceptance speech for the best original screenplay Oscar, don't you think?

  2. You make be on to something there...although, my 'I remember my early days' speech was going be cliched stories of sitting in a darkened room banging out reams of script. Working for a national broadcaster might be a bit too 'sell-out' for my more arty-farty contemporaries...