Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Be My Guest....

My new favourite thing? The Guest Blog.

It's the laziest form of blogging, really. Basically, you invite and warmly welcome a friend / colleague / contemporary to put their blog entry on to your blog for a day. It's normally associated with a particular event or promotion or something like that and gives the guest blogger an extra bit of publicity or the very least a nice little soap-box for them to stand on for the day.

And with that, I'd like to announce...

Writer, publisher and 'most powerful man in the books-trade' (not my words) Scott Pack - known to many of you on Twitter as @meandmybigmouth - recently published his book '21st Century Dodos - A Collection of Endangered Objects and other stuff' (yes that is what it's called) and this Thursday (13th), his blog will be coming from right here at my beautiful home and will feature a video of lil ol' me reading an extract from the book.

So check back here on Thursday for this blogging extravaganza! (Hope I'm not building it up too much).

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