Monday, December 20, 2010

Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy (Writing) Competition... (Part 2).

As I'm sure you're well aware, the deadline for the Poolbeg / TV3 'Write A Bestseller' competition was last Friday...

And 'Burning Matches' is in!

Yes indeed, the 'masterpiece' was handed in on Thursday after a 10-day nightmare of trying to perfect....the synopsis. Yes indeed, having written and rewritten 460-ish pages of the novel over the last two years or so, I haven't had so much heartache as I had trying to write a 'simple' one-page synopsis. To say I finally nailed it...would be a slight exageration - still not happy with it but, suffice to say, it is definitely better than it was a week and half ago.

Anyway, look, it's done and more importantly, is sitting, with the novel, on the desk of the fabulous, gifted and sexy decision-maker at Poolbeg Publishing (who might be reading this) ...with the 200 or so other novels that I'm reliably informed have also entered. I guess it'll make all the sweeter when I win...

By the way, huuuuge thanks to Margaret, Hugh and Ger for all their help with the previously mentioned synopsis...cheers guys.


  1. Hi Paul,

    I came across your blog on... gosh, I don't know... probably by following a link from a link from someone else's blog. Thought I'd just say Hi and good luck with Burning Matches!

    I've just had my professional critique back on my children's novel (after being rejected by a few agents I thought it was worth getting the first few chapters looked at). All really good advice although a little scary to read!

    Anyway, I hope the judges love your book.
    Chloe (

  2. Good luck, Paul. Was thinking of entering that myself, but for the fact that at the moment I have outline for a library's worth of... outlines.