Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well where would I find such a man? Why am I asking you?

(That, by the way, is a quote from Blazing Saddles, not my subtle and original way of coming out of the closet.)

What it does refer to is one of the many sanity-retaining exercises I adopted during the last few weeks when I was holed up in my apartment and cabin-fever was setting in - and that is...Talking To Myself In The Mirror (or any reflective surface).

On more than one occasion, I found myself with a plot-hole to fill, an unrealistic piece of dialogue that needed fixing, or even an entire chapter which was possibly not needed at all. (I was looking at myself in the under-side of a biscuit-tin lid for that one - and yes, I ended up deleting the chapter.)

I'm not quite sure what the moral of this blog is...maybe that it's okay, on occasion, to go off the deep end. As long as no-one else sees it, you have completely regained all sanity by the time you leave the house and you don't end up as crazy and dysfunctional as the characters you have created.

And now back to swatting imaginary flies.

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