Monday, May 17, 2010

Slap on the wrist for Paul...

Well I did deserve it, in fairness.

I started the re-write of Burning Matches last week and, in my usual over-criticism of myself, I pretty much rewrote the entire first chapter....from scratch.

Bold, Paul, bold!

As was pointed out to me at my writers' meeting on Thursday, the chapter was perfectly good as it was (the ever-honest M even thought it was better) before I tore it apart and rebuilt it, and the only required improvements were those suggested by my two learned readers last year. This, in fact applies to the book in general, so you will be delighted to know that I've given myself a good talking to over the weekend (while I was a few hundred miles away from the ms) and I am, as from today, adopting a much more sensible and realistic approach to the rewrite project.

Step one, put the kettle on.


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  2. Oh yeah Paul, am happy for you. Being stuck in re-writing hell doesn't suit you. Although it comes in quite handy when you want to never ever finish a project. So good luck!